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Satisfied Clients  testimonials

3March 10 Menaka: " Angie is a true professional who is committed to make her clients look their feminine best, even if they are six foot and plus size - like I am.

She is such a perfectionist and so understanding. Within the first few minutes I was there she able to make me relax and enjoy the woman she was creating in me. I came uncertain and left confident that I too could look feminine. And I left with the feeling that I have also found a friend in her!"

Package 2 outfits: Feminine + Gown 

About Menaka Natasha:  Malaysia, crossdresser,32 

Customer statisfication: 10 / 10



 3 Dec 09 Julie :"Angie thanks so, so much for my makeover visit, my 2 outfits were fantastic with your help and sense of style. I was a little shy of asking but you made me feel so at ease. Make-up made me feel and look so different.

The sizes and range-wonderful!
As a bonus you persuaded me to go to a restaurant in a conservative dress (no pvc!!) and it felt so wonderful and I felt so free. The shoes and outfits I bought are mmmmmmmm.! I will be back
"   XXXX Julie 

Package K 2days 1night  2 Costumes outfits+ outing  : Maid uniform & slutty PVC                                                                                                  

About Julie: Austaria,crossdresser,45

Customer statisfiction: 11 /10 (Oooops ! 100 + 10 %)

25 Nov 09 Nastya:" FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE !!!  Long way from frozen north lands, came to hot Malaysia to meet Angie the Magician........And Magician she really is !  During the 3 days of my visit, she made me discover this beautiful and peaceful part of true Asia with interesting culture and superb food. The most interesting day was of course the day she introduced me the my other self !

Who was she ????   Who was I  ????

I could not believe what my eyes were seeing.......  but it was real "ME": another me !!! Congratulations Angie ! It was real professional work....... Looking forward visiting LK again..........!!! "    

Package L 3days 2night + city tour:  H  Evening Gown 1 outfit                                                                                                   

About Nastya: Russian,crossdresser,68

Customer statisfiction:  9.5/ 10  (a little imperfect makes perfect !)


2 Nov 09 Alana Peterson:"Hi, I'm Alana, 45 year old out-of-shape white guy from Europe.If Angie can make me look like this, just imagine what she can do for you gorgeous Asian girls out there! You just HAVE to try her services, they are FANTASTIC! I'd love to hear from any of you  gurlz at  Hugs !! "    

Package K 2days 1night  3outfits :  C Feminine 1 outfit , H Evening Gowns & J Costume: Maid uniform                                                                                                   

About Alana: Europian,crossdresser,White,45     Customer statisfiction: 10 /10


26 July 09 Jenny 珍妮 :" 我很开心当我看到我变装的照片放在安琪变装摄影坊!很兴奋,很开心,这种兴奋的感觉,不知道该如何形容。。不知如何说出口!安琪的化妆和变装技术真的出乎我的意料,安琪让我相信粗犷男人也可以变得娇滴滴的大美人! 我很满意我的女人的造型,好像明星林清霞。太棒了!我感觉  太棒了!安琪变装摄影坊就像我另一个家!我感觉 太棒了!"


Jenny:"I am so happy when seeing my makeover photos in this Studio web page.I am so excited and it is very hard to describe here.. Angie makeup & makeover skill is more than what i expected! It is Excellent! Angie able to transform a male me to a pretty & feminine girl. It is Great!"

Package :  D Sexy 1 outfit &  F Glamour 1  outfit                                                                                                                                        

About Jenny: Singapore,crossdresser,Chinese,35

Customer statisfiction: 10 /10


 13 & 17 July 09 nancy:" this is my second time return to Angie Studio. and i am taking 2 photo session with 2 outfits & makover for each session! Angie makeup & makeover is very excellent, transform me totaly into a new person of me! I love what i see myself in front of mirror.. so feminine & pretty. Excellent! "    

Package:  C Feminine 2 outfits &  D Sexy 2 outfits (2 ssesions)                                                                                                    

About Nancy: Singapore,crossdresser,Chinese,30+

Customer statisfiction: 10 /10



 2 July 09 Reene:" When Angie is wearing the wig for me, I closed my eyes. I know this is
the magic moment. When I open my eyes, a charming girl sitting infront of the mirror , and she is so beautiful! Angie has successfully helps me to match my inner femenine with my appearance. Undoubtfull she has good skills and tastes in making-over. And more importantly I can feel
her great passions, and we were having fun during the process. Angie, thank you so much. Can't wait till we meet agian!"    

Package:  C Feminine 1 outfit (Feminine girl)                                                                                           

About Reene: Malaysia,crossdresser,Chinese,20+

Customer statisfiction: 8.5 /10



15 June 09 Lauren Tan:"Dear Angie ,
I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful and skillful transformation that you had done on me last week. I never knew that I could look so feminine! "    

Package:  C  Feminine 1 outfit  ; D Sexy 1 outfit                                                                                          

About Lauren Tan: Singapore,crossdresser,Chinese,30+

Customer statisfiction: 8.5 /10


5 June 09 Michelle:" I wanted to say thanks again, thanks for listening, all around thank you Texas style.I felt so comfortable with you and YOU made ME today! If you have anything you want to say please reply. I absolutly adore you!Again, Angie I cant say enough, THANKS! Michelle"

"Angie,  I would like to thank you for such a wonderful time. I enjoyed myself so much and can't say enough on how much you brightened my day by bringing my inner woman out. The pictures turned out wonderfully and feel I have accomplished a major step in my life because you made me feel comfortable and were caring. I need to take more big steps in my life and now realize. If anyone ever was to ask me who's that girl? I can say Angie my gf.Love Michelle U.S.A "    

Package:  C Feminine 1 outfit (Happy Girl)                                                     

Package D: Sexy  1 outfit (Texas Sexy girl)                                                      

About Michelle:Texas, USA,crossdresser,35

Customer statisfiction: 10 /10


18 April 09 Helen:" That’s incredible…I was so happy and unable to imagine what Angie did for me….This is excellent makeover that transform me to be pretty girl…Angie professional makeup skill and comprehensive accessories make me feel comfortable, nice and beautiful… the most important is that I become a girl…I think that this is not my last time to meet Angie….I will go shopping and clubbing with her together… Angie,You are great!"    

Package:  C Feminine 1 outfit (Feminine Touch)                                          Package D: Sexy  1 outfit (Sexy girl next door)                                                        About Helen: Malaysia,crossdresser,Chinese,20+

Customer statisfiction: 10 /10


12 March 09 Elaine:"Never say never! never imagine myself as beautiful as girl before. It happens when I come to Angie Studio. it really make my dream comes true.Never imagine myself as girl 24/7 for the whole duration of 2 days 1 night!!!"                 


Package K: 2 days 1   night

Singapore, crossdresser,chinese,29

Customer Statisfiction: 9.5 / 10                                                                                                                                            


10 Feb 09 Jenny:"Angie, Thanks for the perfect make-over that you transform me into a very pretty girl ! you have made me a 100% sexy lady that I ever dreamed of .regards, Jenny !!!" 

Package C:Femenine (1 outfit)                                                                               
Jenny: the Sunny Girl
About Jenny: Malaysia,crossdresser,Chinese,30+     


Customer Statisfiction: 9 / 10



2 Feb 09 Joey:"I am a Sexy Diva, Finally!...This is n-time I am saying "thank you very much" to Angie! :) Angie did a wonderful job on me, that I call it "magic"...If you want a great makeover,I stongly recomand Angie's crossdresser Makeover Studio! Joey"
visit studio on 2 Feberuary 2009 

Package D:Sexy (1 outfit) 
                                                                             Joey: Sexy Diva
About Jenny: Austalia,crossdresser,White,40+ 

Customer Statisfiction: 10 / 10


22 Jan 09 Rebecca:"My dream comes true...Angie is Friendly,skillful both in photo & makeup."
visit studio on 22 January 2009 

Package E:Office Lady (1 outfit) 
                                    Rebecca: Office lady
About Jenny: UK ,crossdresser,28 

Customer Statisfiction: 9.5 / 10


5 Jan 09 Mary Evan: "Hi Angie ,I was woundering when are you going to put another video on youtube. I am a big fan of yours and the only reason I am crossdressing as much as I am right now is because of all of those videos you posted here on youtube. I hope that I can see a video soon".

-Mary Evans


29 Dec 08 Audrey:"Went to Angie and wondering how it'll turn out considering my physique. I am amazed by the outcome and plan to do this again soon.                

Angie collection is comprehensive and suites all tastes and fancies. Her makeup skills are fantastic and I trust her to bring out the best in me! Strongly suggested!!!"
visit studio on 29 December 2008 
Package C:Femenine (1 outfit) ; Package H: Gown (1 outfit)

Blonde Feminine Audrey 
About Audrey: Singapore,crossdresser,Chinese,30+     

Customer Statisfiction: 9 / 10


6-11-08 Mandy:"thanks again to Angie! I was speechless and of course SUPRISED when I was standing in front of the mirror.I had to make sure my eyes working properly... Ths fact is: it is TRUE. It is me, a femenine girl."
visit studio on 6 November 2008 
Package C:Femenine (1 outfit)

Femenine Mandy 
About Mandy United Kingdom.crossdresser,white,40+     

Customer Statisfiction: 10 / 10




10-10-08 Nancy:"I m amazing what Angie can do for me.I m very HAPPY with the result of the makeover + Photo session.Never thought i was that Sexy. Angie Ng makeover studio is very professional.A definite recomandation for anyone who is looking for a makeover! "
visit studio on 10 October 2008 
Package D:Sexy ( 2 outfits)                                                                       

1st Theme: Blonde Sexy girl  2nd Theme: Sexy girl in red  

Singapore, crossdresser,chinese, see her more in Nancy in flickr

Customer Statisfiction: 9.5 / 10




30-8-08 Angeline:"Many thanks for Angie (again) for the wonderful experience over the weekend! "" It was a blast - from the makeover to the clubbing. 
A definite recommend for those of us who want to dress out in KL! Angie's repertoire of makeover tricks and full collection of clothes and accessories make it a pleasure to visit. I picked up all the necessary items in no time at all. "

visit studio on 30 August 2008                                                                     

2 day 1 night  studio makeover package + Night Out  clubbing                                                                                                

1st Theme: Femenine  2nd Theme: Casual  
About Angeline Singapore,crossdresser,chinese,30+




14-8-08 Anina: "One word: WOW!"
"I've never felt and looked so sexy in my life!
Thank you so much Angie for the wonderful experience and photos,
you are an excellent cd makeover artist!" 

2 outfits studio makeover package
1st Theme:Fashion girl   2nd Theme: Sexy wild rose

About Anina Singapore,crossdresser,Malay,26 

Customer Statisfiction: 10 / 10 



2-8-08 Racheal Carter: "Its the day that i realised who i really am! "
"I've never felt and looked so sexy in my life!
It confirmed all the things in my life!
It was fun and for sure one of best things i have ever done!
these pictures will prove everything!
can't wait for the parties to come! "
2 outfits studio makeover package
+ Outing
1st Theme: Glomour  2nd Theme: Sexy
About Racheal  Canada,crossdresser,indian,22 

Customer Statisfiction: 9.5 / 10


3-7-08 Jasmine: "I was suprised..."
"can not beleive my eyes: this is ME in front of the mirror! 
Thanks to Angie with her fantastic makeover 
make my dreams come true"
2 outfits studio makeover package

1st Theme:Office lady    2nd Theme:Sexy seductive girl 
About Jasmine Malaysia,Johor,crossdresser,chinese,35 


Customer Statisfiction: 10 / 10


31-5-08 Donna: "I like to be pretty as female, Angie make me become one!
Thanks a lot to & Angie Ng  "
1 outfit studio makeover package

Theme : Casual  
About Donna Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur,crossdresser,chinese,30+ 

Customer Statisfiction: 10 / 10





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