Crossdresser Makeover Makeup & Photo Studio by Angie Ng

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Latest Studio Video: crossdresser makeover Studio: part 6 Studio tour; Angie Ng take you to the Studio!E0E7p4W2Y8E




We provide Male to Female crossdresser full makeover, makeup, transformation and crossdressing services for crossdresser (Cd), Transgender (Tg) girl, Transexual (Ts), Transvestite (Tv), drag queen, shemale, ladyboy, Nyah, new half. Also,for male who want to crossdress, crossdressing themself as pretty & feminine lady,or experince themself as girl! 

2800 suqare feet of beautiful clothes: 2000 sets of Gown & 3000 sets of clothes , Crossdresser and  Transgender friendly & Private Environment ;Outing in clubbing,movie & dining ;Professional Makeup,Makeover & Studio Shooting ; 

This is the STUDIO where Angie Ng will assist you to crossdress & crossdressing.

Discovering & enhancing your inside femininity, express the real you into your dream pretty girl! With our professional makeup & makeover, together with professional studio photo shooting, making your dream coming true" Be the dream girl you want to be! "

wishing you Happy everyday & happy cross dressing!


coming up next: 5 Oct 2013 birthday party +  Clubbing with Angie Ng in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia, email me: OR WeChat ID: angieng2862

 Angie Ng 黄安琪 7 July 2013


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